2020-06 Servosity "Daisy" Release

Multi-Factor Authentication

In our previous release, we changed the way you login to the Servosity portal, requiring users to login with their email address rather than a username, and allowing multiple users per partner. Starting today, we're taking the next step in enhancing our security by allowing for Multi-Factor Authentication. 



Any user who wants to can set up MFA, or you can require all users within your organization to use MFA before they can make any changes. See here for a list of relevant articles: MFA Articles

Enhanced Network Source/Destination Support

Beginning in Servosity version, available today, we've made it much easier to add a network source or destination to your Servosity backup set. This makes running your backups to a NAS, or backing up your DR Server images from one a snap. Now when adding a network address, you'll be able to type the UNC path or IP address directly into the Servosity application, no more switching to the portal to add your path. On top of that, you'll also be able to specify the username and password for that network share in the application as well.



For more details on how to use this, you can check out these articles: Network Address Articles

Enhanced Offline Installer

Our new offline installer for Windows will allow you to download the full Servosity client and easily install it without having to worry about a network connection. This also means if we release a new update, the installer you downloaded a week before will still work. Of course you'll still need to be online to sign in or run a backup, but this should help the install process have a lot less issues. And you can rename it to anything you want. Currently this is only available for Windows, and if you prefer the old style installer, it'll still be available to use as well.

That's all we have to announce today, but keep checking our "What's new" section, because before you know it, we'll be sending out the details of our "Falcon" update.