2021-06 Servosity "Falcon" Release

This release is another fairly minor update in terms of what you see, but we've been laying the groundwork for some really exciting product improvements that we plan to continue rolling out in the months to come. The major focus of this update is Servosity Fully Managed. If you're not already familiar with our Fully Managed offering, please check out this article for more details:
What is Servosity Fully Managed? 


Convert existing companies to Fully Managed

While you've been able to create new Fully Managed companies for a while now, in order to convert an existing company to Fully Managed, you'd have to open a support request. Now we've made it easier. Just go to the Company Settings page for the company you'd like us to start managing for you, and click the new "Enable Fully Managed" button. Within minutes you'll get an email with details on how to start the process of letting us take over managing your backups for you.



Fully Managed Onboarding Timeline

When you do convert a company, or create a new Fully Managed company, the first thing you may notice is the new Onboarding Timeline that's front and center on the Company Dashboard. You can use this to keep up with the onboarding process, and see whether we're working on it, or if there's something we need your team to do for us. If you see "Action Required" you'll want to check your onboarding ticket to see what next steps we've requested so that we can finish configuring your backups and start monitoring them. 



Fully Managed Company Status

For companies that are Fully Managed, we've got a new set of status icons, meant to convey at a glance whether everything is fine, or if there's something wrong. For more information on the different statuses and what they mean, check out this KB article: 

Control Panel Status Icons 



If you're interested in talking about how Servosity Fully Managed can help save you time and free you up for more pressing tasks, you can pick a time on this Calendar to speak with your partner success manager: https://calendly.com/svtpsm/fully-managed-discussion