CheckCentral - Different User Report Types

When configuring a User Report in CheckCentral there are seven different Report types to choose from. This article will describe each type in detail and suggest possible use cases for each type. 

Activity List Report: This report lists all activities for your chosen company or check. It can be specified to only give information on a single check or to give information about your whole dashboard. The report will list any of the checks that you select; this can be configured to be only successes, successes and failures, or any combination of checks that you desire. A possible use for this report is to consolidate many check groups into a single report, filtering only failures or warnings.


Configuration of an Activity List report has more options under the Content Tab. For this report, you can select certain checks that you want listed, specific types of checks (failures, warnings, successes), the amount of different activities listed, and a time frame for all those checks. Leave the Matched option selected. 


Check Report: A check report will give an in-depth look at a specific check. The report will give statistics on that check as well as giving the recent activities for the check. Chose this report if you only want information on a single check. This report will give the most detail and information about a specific check. 


For a Check Report, the Content tab will let you select a single check to get reports on. If you would like more than one check in a report use a different report type. There is also an option to change the maximum number of activities listed in a report, by default it is 25. 


Check Group Report: A check group report will display all the checks in a check group. This will usually include Local backup, ImageManager, and Offsite backup information. It will show a list of the all the recent checks in that group, similar to how it appears in your dashboard. This type of report is great to setup for clients as you can display all their relevant information in a single report. 


In a Check Group Report, the Content tab will allow you to input all the check groups that you would like reports on. You can also leave this blank to have all the check groups you have permissions for, sent in the report. 


Dashboard Report: The Dashboard Report will simply make your dashboard into a report that will be sent to you. It displays all the check groups that you have permissions for, as well as, the specific checks and recent activity for each group. A Dashboard Report is a great way to quickly get information about your all backups without having to visit CheckCentral. 


There is no Content section for a Dashboard Report. It simply takes your whole dashboard, there is no configuration to remove anything from your dashboard.


Digest Report: A Digest Report will display the overall status of all your checks while also displaying every check that is currently in a warning or failure state. A digest report can be used to get information only on the backups that are facing issues or that may have some concern. 


A Digest Report, in the Content section, will be the same as a Check Group report, however the actual report will be very different. There is also no Format Section for a Digest Report. The report will be an HTML link that pulls up a webpage with the report. 


Statistic Report: A statistic report will provide statistics on the number of checks that have come in, the number of successes, the number of failures, and more. This report is not extremely useful but can be used to get information on how your check groups are doing on average. 


The Content section for a Statistic Report will have multiple options. You can select a specific check group that you would like statistics for or receive statistics on all the check groups you have permissions for. Also you can specify the types of checks that you want information on. The last two options are for the minimum amount of activities that you want listed in the report and the time frame of the report. 


Status History Report: A Status History Report will show you a timeline of status that each check has reported within a specified time period. There will be a colored line showing matching the color of the check history. Next to the bar, there is also the percentage of successes, warnings and failures. A Status History Report can be helpful to see how often certain company(s) see failures for different checks. 

In the Content section for a Status History Report, you can specify the time period that you want displayed in the report. 


Those are the 7 different report types! Each have a different use and can be configured to your liking. If you have further questions or require more assistance, feel free to contact us at