Chkdsk Troubleshooting Guide (Classic)

If you have the advanced verification option enabled for ImageManager (like we suggest) your ImageManager reports might show a chkdsk verification error.

In the reports, you'll see something like this when you disk is getting a verification error: 
Chkdsk verify D:\Servosity\Backups\D_VOL-b001-i5760-cd.spi: 3 (Found errors on the volume)

If you're getting an error like that, we recommend running an offline chkdsk on the source volume. 

We have seen this error occur for other reasons besides corruption on the source volume so we typically recommend running the offline chkdsk after 2 consecutive verification reports. 

The command we suggest running is: 

chkdsk source volume: /f /r /x 

So for the example above, you would run this command: Chkdsk D: /f /r /x 


After the chkdsk completes successfully, the following report might still show a verification error. This is because the images that were consolidation for that report were from before the chkdsk completed. 


If you are still running into a verification error after running the offline chkdsk, please feel free to reach out to