Data Integrity Check (Indexing Issue) (Classic)

  • From the ServosityPro main screen, click the Utilities icon.


  • Select the Backup Set from the drop-down menu or select All if you wish to run a check on all backup sets.
  • Check the Rebuild Index box then click Start.

Note: Do not enable the CRC Check option unless instructed to by Servosity Support. Doing so will force a download of all data to check for corruption, and can take several days on larger data sets, during which no backups can run.

Note: A data integrity check can only be started when there is no backup job running (of the corresponding backup set), and vice versa. 


  • Once you initiate the rebuild the process it will run through "Test Mode" which will gather the data on Corrupted Items, Checksum Items, and Data Blocks. You will see a prompt like the one below, then you will need to select "Yes" to actually repair the index and remove any corruption or incorrect data.


Note: It may take several minutes to hours to complete the "Test Mode" of the rebuild process until you get to the prompt. The number of files in your backup set and resources of the machine (bandwidth, CPU, Disk, etc...) will affect the speed of the rebuild job.

  • Once the rebuild is complete you can either kick off a manual backup or wait for the scheduled job to complete.