End of Life Announcement for Servosity Office 365 Classic Backup Accounts

Here's a quick breakdown of important dates (we'll expand on them below):

  • 6/6/22 - Microsoft 365 Backups released
  • 7/15/22 - Office 365 Classic Backups will no longer run backup jobs
  • 1/30/23 - Remaining Office 365 Classic Backup accounts and data will be removed

Microsoft 365 Backup released

In June of 2022 we released the new version of our Microsoft 365 backup to our partners. Since that point all new backup accounts have been using this new version. As part of our effort to provide the simplest, most convenient backup software available we've made many improvements to our Microsoft 365 backup:

  • Unlimited storage and retention
  • Automatically backup new accounts
  • Download backed up data straight from your browser
  • Improved speed and efficiency

Office 365 Classic accounts need to be migrated

Because of these improvements, as of June 6th, Office 365 Classic Backup accounts can no longer be created, and existing accounts will need to be migrated. We will be reaching out to all affected partners directly to work with you to get your backups moved over to the new platform. If you're a Servosity Safe partner your accounts have already been converted and you won't need to take any action. Servosity Unlimited partners will just need to go through a quick setup process to move their backups over to our new platform, and our Support team will be with you through the entire process.

We'll keep your historical backup data until 1/30/23

Because the data format has changed, there is no way to carry-over your existing retention from a classic account to a new account. Because of this, we will retain and support restores on the classic platform until 1/30/2023. Your existing backup jobs will remain restorable until that point, at no additional cost. After 1/30/2023, we will no longer be able to restore any data backed up on the old platform. If you have concerns about this, please contact support@servosity.com to discuss archiving your legacy data for a longer period.

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, please give us a call at 800-429-0500 and we'll be happy to help!