End of support announcement: ShadowProtect 5.2.7

Effective 4/1/2023 Servosity will no longer provide support for StorageCraft ShadowProtect 5. This means:
  • Servosity support will not assist with any backup or recovery issues involving any version ShadowProtect 5.
  • Any systems running ShadowProtect 5 will not be eligible for Servosity Safe Gold

Because ShadowProtect 5 is still supported by StorageCraft and has a large legacy install base, Servosity has supported it for many years. With the release of Servosity One, we have moved our development efforts into improving and automating the setup, monitoring, testing, and recovery tools specifically for our new, low-footprint, web-based backup agent. Rather than taking additional time to build our new software with this legacy product in mind, none of these improvements are compatible with ShadowProtect version 5 . Because of this, we have decided to no longer support ShadowProtect 5 in any way.


For any client currently on Servosity Safe Gold, our team will handle the migration to ShadowProtect SPX 7.0.2 so you won't need to worry about losing support. We'll just need your help in scheduling the necessary reboots and coordinating seed drives, if necessary. For any clients running ShadowProtect 5 that are upgraded to Servosity Safe Gold, we will migrate to ShadowProtect SPX at the time of upgrade. Any systems which are not running a supported OS will need to be updated to a compatible OS, or they will no longer be managed by our Safe Support team. We will still provide best-effort support per our Support Levels article.


For clients who wish to continue to use ShadowProtect 5, our license keys will continue to be compatible, and we will not take any steps to force you to upgrade, however if there is any problems with the backup, you will need to contact ShadowProtect support for assistance. If you contact our team for assistance with failed backups we will be glad to assist you with updating to ShadowProtect SPX. 


If you are ready to upgrade to ShadowProtect SPX or have any questions please reach out to support@servosity.com and we'll be glad to help you.