Decrypt and Restore from a Quick Ship USB Drive (Classic)

  1. Install ServosityPro or open the existing application
  2. Click on the Utilities tile on the bottom right

  3. Select the Decrypt Backup Data tab
  4. In the first box browse to the location of the Quick Ship drive. You need to point it to the “blocks” folder. Ie D:\1486491594832\blocks

  5. Click the Decrypt button to open and browse the restore files.
  6. Select to restore the files to their Original location, or to an Alternate location, then click Next to proceed.


  7. Click Show advanced option to configure other restore settings:
    Restore file permissions: To enable or disable restore of file permissions.
    Delete extra files: Sync the selected restore source with the restore destination.
    Follow Link: Restore the file link, or follow link to restore the content of the linked location.


  8. Select the temporary directory for storing temp files during the restore process.
  9. Click Restore to start the restoration.