How do I fix a Stuck SaaS backup?

In some cases, a M365 or Google Workspace backup can get stuck running without actually making progress.

Usually our system will detect this after a day or two and restart the backup however, you can also fix this immediately if you come across it. 

  1. Start by heading to the Servosity Portal
  2. Locate the Company Dashboard for the account you are looking into
  3. Click on Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace to get to the SaaS portal 
  4. Click on the Backup job that has the Stuck backup 
  5. Locate the Stuck Backup and click on the X button in the Actions Column on the far right of the page
  6. This will end the running backup, click on the lightning bolt icon to start a new backup 

If the next backup gets stuck, there may be some other issue at play. Please contact us at so we can look into it!