How do you enable and use MFA for the Servosity client software?

In order to create an easy way for you to manage MFA codes for multiple backup accounts, we have decided to display the codes in our portal ( Because of this, in order to enable MFA for your backup accounts, you'll need to enforce MFA on all of your portal accounts as well. This ensures that anyone trying to open a Servosity client, or log into the backup server web interface will have to use either SMS or a mobile authenticator app to get access to the client/server MFA codes. You can find instructions for enforcing MFA for your organization here: How do you enforce MFA?

Once MFA is enforced, we will automatically enable MFA login for all of your backup accounts. When you click on a backup account in the portal you'll see this page:


Click on the phone number listed to send the authentication code to the portal.  You'll see a similar screen on the Servosity client when you put in the username and password for an account with MFA enabled:


Again, by clicking the phone number here, it will send the code to your notifications in the portal.


Here you can see the notification icon has a blue dot next to it while there is a new notification or active MFA code. The code and dot will disappear after 5 minutes when that code expires. The codes are listed by backup account, so you can see which goes to which account if there are multiple codes. You can click on the code to copy it, or just type it into the box.


The letters at the beginning are provided just in case you're not sure of the backup account name. You'll be able to match them from the list. Once you click verify, you're all set and logged in like normal.