How to apply a Hotfix to Servosity Pro. (Classic)

How to apply a Hotfix to Servosity Pro

First, you must ensure you are running the most current version of Servosity Pro.

  • From the main screen of Servosity Pro, click the 11.gif in the top right. 


  • Once you have confirmed you are on the most current version, close the Servosity Pro window.

  • In the system tray, right click the 3.gif icon and click Exit.

  • Open the Windows Services window.

  • Stop the Servosity Professional Services.


  • Copy the 'bin' folder from the hotfix archive over to C:\Program Files\Servosity Pro overwriting any
    files in the process.



  • Once the file transfer is completed, start the Servosity Professional Services. 
  • Launch Servosity Pro and check the version number to ensure the hotfix was successfully applied.