How to create a Google Workspace Backup account

In order to backup your Google Workspace mailboxes, you'll start by creating a Google Workspace account in the Servosity Control Panel. 

From your Partner Dashboard, either select or create the company you'd like to backup. When you're on the Company Dashboard, simply click the Add Backup Account in the top right corner, to open the form.


Select Google Workspace from the Type list, add any notes that you want for this account, and then you can click the Create Backup Account button.


Now your Company Dashboard will show a Google Workspace Backup Account. You can click on this account to be taken to the cloud server where you'll configure your backups.


Note: If you don't also have a Microsoft 365 account in the same company, you won't see the Tasks associated with it.

The Google Workspace backup is broken into 2 available tasks. We'll break down each in it's own KB article. Select the one you want to start with below. Don't worry, we'll link to the other article in each of them, so you don't have to come back here.