How to investigate "Backup job was missed." reports (Classic)

From time to time you might notice your offsite backups reporting that a scheduled job was missed.

When this is reported, it means that the instance of the Servosity client running the scheduled backup never contacted the backup server (the machine being backed up didn't connect to our server). This can be caused by many different things.

The most common cause for a missed backup is the machine performing the backup not being powered on at the time of the scheduled job. A prolonged period of power/internet loss can cause missed backups. As long as power/internet is restored for the next job, the client should resume running on schedule.

If it doesn't look like the machine was powered off at the time of the scheduled job, the next place to look would be the scheduler logs. Those can be found here:


The debug log files in that folder display the heartbeat for the scheduler service and give us some insight on what is happening when scheduled job rolls around.

If the scheduler logs don't make the cause apparent, please send them to for further assistance!