How to Restore a Servosity One Backup

With ServosityOne, you can restore files directly from our Portal. This article will outline the basic steps for ServosityOne restores.

We STRONGLY reccomend contacting us at when you need to restore anything. Our Support Team will gladly assist to make sure we get all the files that you need! 

  1. To begin, navigate to the desired Company Dashboard on our portal
  2. From the Company Dropdown at the top of the portal, Select Restore
  3. The Backup Accounts available for this company will be listed as well as what Type of Backup. Hit the blue "Restore" button on the right-hand side of the Account you want to restore from.
  4. Next you will choose which snapshot you would like to restore. On the left-hand side there is a "Date" Option that will allow you to filter the Snapshot IDs by the date you would like to restore from.

  5. After you select a snapshot you will choose What you would like to restore?. Choose Restore Whole Snapshot, Search for a File, or Browse Snapshot
    1. If you select Restore Whole Snapshot you will be navigated to the Restore Queue (which can also be found in Company drop down). 
      1. If you have multiple restore jobs in this queue, you can organize them by moving jobs to the top or the bottom with the appropriate blue buttons.
    2. If you were to Select Search for a file it would bring you to a new page with a Search Box. Enter the file name that you are looking for. The files should automatically show up under the Search Bar if there are any results.
    3. If you select Browse Snapshot you can choose files and directories to restore:
      1. Clicking on the folder will show all the directories/files within that path
      2. Clicking the + icon will add that path to the Restore Queue 
  6. You can see the files or snapshot you selected in the Restore Queue Page found in the Company Dropdown. If you need to add more to this queue select Track this Queue in the Restore Queue Page and go back to step 2 to add things to the current restore queue.
    1. Make sure to enter a folder path in the Target Path field. The restored files will be downloaded to that location
  7. To begin a restore you can select Copy Servosity One Restore Link to restore on the machine of your choosing. 
    1. Paste the copied link into a web brower on the System you want to restore on
    2. If this system does not have ServosityOne installed, first click Install Servosity One 
    3. To start the restore, click Start Restore with Servosity One
  8. Otherwise, select Start Restore with Servosity One to restore on the the machine you are currently on. 

You should be all set! Just wait for the restore to complete and your files should be in your Target Path. If you have any questions or run into any issues performing a Restore with ServosityOne, feel free to contact us at If this is an Emergency and help is required IMMEDIATELY, please email