How to restore files from the cloud using Linux CLI (Classic)

To restore data from the cloud that has been backed up on a Linux machine, you will need to run the script included with the application.

Before the script is ran, you will need to modify the following values to specify what data you want to restore and where.


This can be the name of the backup set or the backup set ID. 

Ex: BACKUP_SET="FileBackupSet-0" or BACKUP_SET="1234567890"


This should be the name of the destination as it appears in the backup set configuration or backup report.

Ex: DESTINATION="CBS", DESTINATION="Servosity Unlimited" or DESTINATION="1234567890"


This should be the path which you wish to restore data to. If left blank (""), the data will be restored to the original location.

Ex: RESTORE_TO="/tmp" or RESTORE_TO=""


This value specifies which directory you wish to restore.

Ex: RESTORE_FROM="/home"


This specifies what point in time you want to restore from. Each successful backup qualifies as a point in time. To restore to the most recent copy of data from the cloud, set this key to "Current".

Note: You are able to retrieve points in time using the script.

Ex: POINT_IN_TIME="Current" or POINT_IN_TIME="2020-12-31-12-59-59"


This boolean specifies whether you wish to restore the permissions along with the specified files.



After setting those values, verify the remaining options are configured according to your needs. Save the changes.

To start the restore, run the script.


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