ImageManager chkdsk verification: Found errors on the volume

We highly recommend running chkdsk verification on all image chains as part of the ImageManager processing.

While running chkdsk verification, you might receive a report that ImageManager verification failed its chkdsk verification. Opening the report will display a message similar to the one below:

Chkdsk verify C:\Servosity Backups\SERVER-1\C_VOL-b001-i123-cd.spi: 3 (Found errors on the volume)


In cases like this, ImageManager is reporting that while running chkdsk on the listed incremental file, it found errors.

The next steps to resolving this are to run chkdsk on the source volume listed in the error message. In the case above, the incremental file is named C_VOL-b001-i123-cd.spi, so we'd want to run chkdsk on the C volume of the source machine.

After running chkdsk on the source volume, monitor the next chkdsk verification to ensure it completes successfully.


If you experience another failure, please reach out to