ImageManager Retention Settings

While Servosity has its own Retention Settings in place, you can also adjust Retention Settings in ImageManager for an extra layer of Retention. 

To locate ImageManager Retention Settings: 

  • In ImageManager, right click the Activity/Job that is consolidating your ShadowProtect Images.
  • In the menu, select Properties.
  • A window will pop up. In that window select the Retention Tab

In the Retention Tab you can change how ImageManager retains the different image files. Our recommended settings are shown here: ImageManager_Recommended_settings.PNG

  • Check Override retention settings for this managed folder: 
  • Check Automatically clean up backup image files in this managed folder:
    • Keep intra-daily files for at least: 7 days.
    • Keep consolidated daily image files (-cd) for at least: 15 days.
    • Keep consolidated weekly image files (-cw) for at least: 90 days. 
  • Uncheck Cleanup consolidated monthly image files (-cm)
  • Uncheck Move all consolidated image files to a subdirectory instead of deleting them

If the following instructions are unclear or more support is requested/required, feel free to contact us at