Local Indexing Issue: Failed to commit to Journal or Failed to close table (Classic)

Error Message(s):

[BackupSetIndex.closeIndex] Unable to close C:\Users\Administrator\temp\1453861468233\Dest@1453319523619\index\index.b2b. Error=[BlockDB.close] Failed to close table

Cannot get remote file list ([g] [BlockFile.commitFromJournal] Failed to commit journal, caused by [RuntimeException]...

In most cases the error messages above indicate that the local index file(s) have been corrupted and Servosity is unable to read them to perform the backup. To resolve the local index corruption issue please follow the steps below.

  1. Stop all running backup jobs and/or restores.
  2. Stop the “Servosity Professional Services” under the Windows Services.
  3. Delete the contents of the temporary folder for that job. The default install location is under “C:\Users\<Username>\temp\”. You can verify the temp folder location by opening the Servosity agent -> Clicking on Backup Sets -> The backup set failing -> Show Advanced Settings -> Others -> Temporary Directory.
  4. Start the “Servosity Professional Services” again
  5. The index files will be re-synchronized during the next backup job. You can choose to wait for the scheduled backup to run or kick off a Manual backup now.

***Note: The scheduled backup may take longer to complete while rebuilding the indexing files. ***

Also make sure:

  1. There are no disk related issues with your temp drive location
  2. You maintain sufficient free disk space on the temp drive. In addition to index files, Servosity uses this folder to temporarily store incremental delta files during backup jobs.
  3. If you have anti-virus software installed on this machine, you should add in the Servosity folders to the exclusions (C:\Program Files\ServosityPro & C:\Users\<Username>\.obm)