Mounting a Backup Image File

There are two ways that you can mount a backup image file, through File Explorer and through the SPX GUI.

Mounting a Backup Image File Through File Explorer

  • Navigate to the Backup Destination in File Explorer
  • Right click on the Image file that you would like to mount
  • Select StorageCraft Quick Mount or StorageCraft Mount
  • If you are restoring files from the Image file, we recommend clicking StorageCraft Mount
  • Enter the Encryption key (For SAFE partners, you can find this in our portal) when prompted for an Image Password
  • For StorageCraft Mount, you will have an additional prompt. Make sure to unselect the "Mount as read-only box"
  • You should have access to the mounted image now! 
  • Make sure to dismount the image after you are done by right clicking on the volume you mounted it as and selecting StorageCraft Quick Dismount

Mounting a Backup Image File Through SPX GUI

ShadowCraft ShadowProtect SPX contains the Image Chain Browser which allows you to browse through your local images and either mount or virtually boot them to restore chosen data. 

To get started, open ShadowProtect SPX. 

  • Click Tools > Image Chain Browser


  • From the Destination drop down, select the destination you want to restore from.

    Note: If the image you need to mount is not shown, you can click Local Folder and then browse to navigate to where the images are stored. 

  • Select the image you would like to mount. You can select older images to restore data from a prior date.
  • Once you've highlighted the image you wish to mount, click the Mount Image button the bottom right.

Note: You might be prompted to enter your password to mount the image. 


  • In the next window, you are able to select which drive letter to mount the image to. You also have the option to mount the image as a sub-folder mount point. Click OK to mount the image. 
  • Once the image is mounted, you will be able to access the files within the image like normal and restore what you wish. 
  • When you are finished and ready to dismount the image, click the tiny.jpg Mounted Images button at the top of the main screen.
  • Click Dismount beside your mounted image.