Out-of-Scope Requests Policy

Our Out-of-Scope Requests Policy ensures we address your needs efficiently while maintaining alignment with our services.

At Servosity, we prioritize going above and beyond to ensure seamless operations while delivering top-notch service.  Occasionally, we encounter requests that fall beyond our usual scope. Here's our protocol for managing such situations: 

Initial Assessment:

  • When you reach out with a request, our team will take look to see if it aligns with our standard offerings.
  • If within our capabilities we'll jump right in and get it done for you ASAP!

Out-of-Scope Requests:

  • Should your inquiry extend beyond our expertise, we'll promptly notify you. 
  • Rest assured, we provide transparent explanations for our limitations and endeavor to propose alternative approaches.

Alternative Solutions:

  • Our commitment to problem-solving extends beyond our direct capabilities. We gladly steer you towards suitable resources or suggest viable alternatives.

Customer Satisfaction:

  • We dedicate ourselves to finding mutually beneficial resolutions and will do everything we can to find a solution that works for both of us.
  • We'll keep the lines of communication open and make sure you're in the loop every step of the way.

Documentation and Feedback:

  • We like to keep track of all the requests we get and how we handle them. It helps us learn and improve!
  • Got any feedback for us? We're all ears! Your input helps us make sure we're always giving you the best service possible. Send all feedback to feedback@servosity.com.

By sticking to this policy, we're aiming to keep things running smoothly for everyone involved. We appreciate your partnership, and our team remains dedicated to supporting your needs whenever they arise.