Restoring a Servosity File Backup (Classic)

  • From the Servosity Pro main screen, click the Restore icon.


  • Click on the Backup Set you would like to restore data from. 

From the Backup Set, select the backup destination that contains the files and folders you would like to restore. 


  • Select to restore files from a specific backup job, or from all files available, then select the files or folders that you would like to restore. Click Next to proceed. 


  • The following window will let you restore the files to their original location or to an alternative location. This window also has Advanced Options that can be applied:
    • Restore file permissions: To enable or disable restoration of file permissions.
    • Delete extra files: Sync the selected restore source with the restore destination.
    • Follow Link: Restore the file link, or follow link to restore the content of the linked location.
    • Click Next to proceed
  • Select the temporary directory for storing temp files, such as delta files when they are being merged.
  • Click Restore to start the restoration.