Servosity Safe Retention Policies

Servosity One DR Backups use a specialized retention policy. We’ve built this policy around our best practices for DR Backup:

  • DR image chains should be rebased with a new full every 3-4 years.
  • Previous backup chains should be archived locally. We recommend archived backup chains be kept indefinitely in a secure, offsite location (safe deposit box, secure storage facility, etc.)
  • Consolidated Monthly images should be kept for the life of the chain.

With all DR retention policies you will be able to restore the following recovery points from the cloud:

  • The initial full backup from your current image chain.
  • All Consolidated Monthly images from your current image chain. 
  • The past 90 days of Consolidated Daily images from your current image chain.
  • Hourly backups are kept on the local storage only, and are not available for restore from the cloud.

In addition to these recovery points, each retention policy contains additional older recovery points, which vary depending on your policy selection:

  • The initial full backup and all Consolidated Monthly images from 1 previous backup chain will be available for 90 days after a new chain is created.
  • After 90 days the previous chain will be archived for the remainder of the retention policy, during which time it can still be recovered, but this will require advanced notice, and there may be additional charges associated with recovering from the archive. 
  • You may have a limited number of previous image chains in the archive at a time. If you exceed this limit before the oldest chain is outside of the selected retention policy, that oldest chain will be removed from the archive. If it has not been archived yet, it will be deleted instead of archived at the end of its 90 day availability.
  • The number of archive chains kept in the cloud is limited by the selected retention period:
    • 1 year - 1 previous chain
    • 4 years - 2 previous chains
    • 7 years - 3 previous chains
    • 10 years - 4 previous chains

All of this applies to active backup accounts. If an account is deleted, either maliciously or by mistake, you must let us know immediately. We are able to recover deleted backup accounts for a short period of time, but for security reasons we do not disclose how long. There may be a delay and/or cost associated with recovering a deleted backup account.

We understand that this can be confusing, so if you have any questions about specific use-cases or clients please contact our support team and we’ll be happy to discuss in further detail.