Starting a Backup from the command line (Classic)

It is possible to start a pre-configured backup job from the command line, however it takes a little bit of additional configuration before you can just run the batch file.

To find your backup set ID:

  • Configure your backup set through the Servosity client application as usual
  • Browse to C:/Users/~backup user~/.obm/log/
  • You'll have a list of folders here, including one or more with 13 numbers (for example: 1481928447251). This is your backup set ID. Each folder is a Backup set.
    • If you have multiple backup sets you can go into the folder, and open the backup logs to see the name of the backup set.

To configure the batch file:

  • Browse to C:/Program Files/Servosity Pro/bin/
  • Find and edit the "RunBackupSet.bat"
  • Look for the entry 'SET BACKUP_SET=""'
  • Enter the backup set id number between the quotation marks

To run multiple backup sets:

  • Copy the "RunBackupSet.bat" file, and rename it. You can change the names of each batch file to help with identification.
  • Change the backup set ID number on each batch file to match one desired backup set.

Running each batch file will cause that backup set to be started.