Using the StorageCraft Recovery Environment to Restore a System Volume

Once you have booted into StorageCraft’s Recovery Environment, you will be greeted by the main screen. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm your time zone. Click OK to proceed.


StorageCraft’s Recovery Environment main screen. 

To restore the system volume in one operation, you must first prepare the disk you are restoring to. 

To start, click the Disk Map tab at the top of the screen


The Disk Map

First, make sure the new disk you are restoring to is at least as large as the disk you backed up. 

Next, initialize and format the new disk to match the original disk.

Under the Tasks tab at the top menu bar, click Restore VolumeThis will open the Restore Wizard. 


The Restore Wizard 

Click Next.

For Restore type, select Restore and click Next

Navigate to the most recent image you’d like to restore by clicking Browse.

Once you have selected the image, click Next to proceed.

In the next window, you will be presented with a list of restore points and asked to verify your selection. Once completed, click Next

Next, select the destination you wish to restore to and click Next.


Selecting the destination where we will restore our image.

In the following window, confirm Finalize the volume at the end of this restore is checked and click Next.  

In the next window, check Use Hardware Independent Restore if you are restoring the image to different hardward than it was originally on. If additional drivers are needed, you may add them by clicking the Advanced button. Once ready, click Next


Selecting the final restoration options. 

Finally, confirm the listed image file chain is correct and click Finish when ready to proceed with the restore.

Click the Task Manager tab at the top of the window to view the progress of the restore.