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What is Servosity Safe?

Servosity Safe is a premium service where our team manages your Backup and DR for you, and stores all of your backups in our Adamantium Vault, where even we can't delete it before your retention is up.

Whether you're backing up the documents folder from an end-users desktop, or imaging a production application server, your customers data is critical. With Servosity Safe you can rest easy knowing that your backups were created, monitored, and maintained by the best in the business, and that your data is stored safely where we can recover no matter what happens to your local system. Because we test and verify our backups, we can also offer our Servosity Safe Guarantee for certified systems.


Here's what you get with Servosity Safe:

Fully Managed Service - Once you install our software package (and reboot the system if it's a DR backup), we'll take it from there. We'll configure the backup job following our best practices, and you'll be able to see exactly what we're backing up directly in our Control Panel. Never wonder if your backups are being monitored and tested, with our team watching your back you can rest easy.

Servosity Adamantium Vault - Our S3 storage for Servosity Safe backups is so secure, the data in it cannot be deleted by anyone. No pirate, disgruntled employee, rogue AI, or dude living off Cheetos and Mountain Dew in his mom's basement will be able to prevent us from restoring your files from our cloud. In fact, it's so secure that even we can't delete it until the lockdown has expired. We won't tell anyone how long that is for security reasons, but we've made it long enough that any malicious action can be discovered and remedied.

Servosity One - We've made a lot of innovative changes to the Servosity Standard and Professional agents over the years, but none as dramatic as this, and so we've decided that this new agent has earned it's own name: Servosity One. Install Servosity One, login through the browser, and manage everything through our Control Panel. That's it. It's built from the ground up to be simple, flexible, and secure. It even helps monitor the local backup validation process and allows us to know that we can recover your backup, even if the worst happens.

if you have any questions in the meantime, please email sales@servosity.com and we'll be happy to answer them.