Why do I get "Download failed" when trying to install Servosity? (Classic)

Previous versions of the Servosity installation files were stub installers, which downloaed the application files directly from the server when the installer was run. If you still have one of these installers, you will run into an issue where you will get this error message:



Because any server update would invalidate previous versions of the installer, we no longer release the online installer stub, and instead provide an offline installer that contains the entire software package. In order to install the Servosity client, please delete any previous installer files with a name similar to "obm-win-443-rdr.servosity.com-https-0O.exe". Please always download the latest installer by logging into https://cp.servosity.com, and clicking on "Download Software". Any current installer will just be named "ServosityPro" or "ServosityStandard" and contains the full application, so it can be installed successfully, even if it's an older version. The autoupdate agent will update the client software to the latest version once you've logged in and closed the application window.

If you're unable to get the new installer to work, please email support@servosity.com or call our support line at 1-800-429-0500 for assistance.