2021-10 Servosity "Ganondorf" Release

This release has been in the works for a long time, so it's very exciting to be able to announce what we've been working on. This month we've got some big news to announce, so I'll get right to it.


Servosity Safe

The biggest change in this release is that Servosity Fully Managed is becoming Servosity Safe. You'll still get the same Fully Managed service from our team of experts, but we're adding some additional value to make it even more appealing. Beginning with this release, all new Servosity Safe accounts will include our Fully Managed service, our brand new Servosity One software, and unlimited storage in our Adamantium Vault. You can read the announcement here


Servosity One

Currently available for Servosity Safe accounts only, the new Servosity One software is designed to replace the Standard/Professional clients with a small core install with no local GUI. All management is handled via our online control panel meaning there's no more need to login to an endpoint to configure, monitor or troubleshoot. It's also built to automatically test and validate local and cloud backup data, which is why it's integral to our being able to offer our Servosity Safe Guarantee. 


Servosity Adamantium Vault

With Servosity Fully Managed, you know that your backups are being configured, monitored, and repaired when necessary by the most qualified people around. With Servosity One backing up your data to the cloud, you know that your important data is being verified locally, and securely transferred to our cloud. The final piece of the Servosity Safe Trinity is our Adamantium Vault. Amazon S3 is already the world leader in data durability and availability, but now we've made it so that all data from a Servosity Safe account cannot be permanently deleted, even by us, until it's well outside of your included retention policy.


Servosity Safe Guarantee

Because we're so sure that we've built the ultimate in data protection, we're standing behind our product with the Servosity Safe Guarantee. For qualified Servosity Safe Backup accounts we will guarantee that we're able to restore your data, from a nightly, verified backup, or we'll refund you a full years worth of your bill. Check out the details in this article.


So far the bulk of this release has been around Safe, but know that we haven't left Servosity Unlimited behind. We've got some great news for all Servosity partners in this release.

CheckCentral Scheduled Reporting

Whether you want a weekly summary of all the backup activity across all your accounts, a monthly report sent automatically to your client, or any other information you may need, you can now get it on-demand, or have it run automatically on a pre-defined schedule. For more information, you can check out this article on how to setup a scheduled report.




Accidental deletion protection

While the Adamantium Vault is reserved for our Servosity Safe accounts, we've made some changes to all of our backup storage. For all backups stored in the Servosity Cloud, we've enabled accidental deletion protection. What this means is that if someone uses the Servosity client or control panel to delete your backup data, as long as you let us know within 72 hours, we should be able to recover that data for you. This has been enabled for everyone, and is included in your Servosity Unlimited plan, effective immediately.


MFA requirement for all users

A few weeks ago we began requiring MFA for sensitive operations like deleting companies or backup accounts. Starting on 10/26/21, we will began requiring MFA for all users to login to the Servosity control panel. We will also require an MFA code to view or change your stored Encryption Keys. For more details on why we made this decision, check out this article.