Control Panel Status Icons

Beginning with the Eddy update in January 2021, the Servosity Control Panel now includes a quick overview of your Companies backup status on the Partner Dashboard screen.


These status icons are different depending on whether the company is Fully Managed or Unlimited. Here's a list of possible icons and what they mean. 


Unlimited Status Icons

mceclip0.png Success - Green is good! This means nothing is failing and there are no warnings on any backup or management tasks, as long as notifications are properly configured.


mceclip3.png Warning - Yellow means things could be better. If you see a warning, things may be just fine, but there could be problems as well, we recommend going to CheckCentral to find the source of the warning for more details.


mceclip4.png Error - Red indicates a problem needs to be resolved. There was an error on at least one backup or management task for this company. Please view the CheckCentral dashboard to find the specific details, and don't hesitate to contact our support team for assistance, we're happy to help.


mceclip9.png No Activity - Gray means no notifications have been received at this company yet. This is typically only seen when the company has no backup accounts, or the accounts have been created but, no backups have been run yet.

The overall status of a company, which is what you'll see on the Partner Dashboard, will always be the most severe status. This means that if everything is running well but there is a single failed local backup on one machine the status of the company will be represented by a red failure. This status is updated from CheckCentral every 10 minutes, so if you login to CheckCentral, resolve the issue, and set the check to success, it will be corrected in the portal within 10 minutes.


Servosity Safe Company Status Icons

Beginning with the Falcon update in June 2021, Fully Managed accounts have been updated to more closely reflect the status of that company. These icons will not immediately indicate a problem with the companies backups, because our team is actively monitoring and correcting issues as they occur. 

Unless the status is set by our automated system, you should also receive a notification with a short summary of the status. If any action is required on your part, you will be able to click on the notification, or on the status icon, to be taken directly to the ticket associated with that status. 


mceclip1.png or mceclip13.png Success - There is nothing to report for this company. While there may be errors or warnings in CheckCentral, our team is aware of them, and is working to correct them. The dot means that we have manually changed the status to success after correcting an issue. 


mceclip2.png Information - Nothing is wrong, but there is something you should be aware of with this company.


mceclip0.png Pending - This icon indicates that the company hasn't completed the Fully Managed onboarding process yet. Please click on the company name to view the details on the Fully Managed Onboarding Timeline.


mceclip3.png Warning - There is a problem at this company, but we're aware of it and working on it. Backups may be affected, but we will still be able to recover your data from no more than 72 hours ago. 


mceclip4.png Unprotected - Something is wrong, and has been for more than 72 hours. If you haven't received a ticket from our support team yet, you should shortly. The ability to restore your data may be compromised.


Servosity Safe Backup Status Icons

With our new update in October 2021, comes the new addition of Servosity Safe. Servosity Safe accounts will be sporting some new status icons. These new icons will have information pertaining to your Guaranteed recovery points. To learn more about Servosity Safe, click here


Screen_Shot_2021-11-08_at_11.06.18.pngNo Recovery Point - This icon will appear when you don't have a recovery point. Either the account has just been configured and a backup has not been run, or there is an issue that needs to be resolved so backups can start/continue. 


mceclip1.png Successful Backup -  This icon is for ServosityOne backups. It tells the last time a successful offsite backup was completed. This is also the most recent recovery point for the company.


mceclip0.png Guaranteed Recovery Point - The date listed here, along with the shield, show that there is a Guaranteed Recovery Point from that specific time and date. This recovery point is covered by our Servosity Safe Guarantee. Click here to learn more


Snapshot successfully made it to the cloud - Found on the backup account page next to snapshots that have already been uploaded.