How to restore to a virtual disk file in SPX

This article will walkthrough the steps of performing an SPX restore to a VHD/VHXD/VMDK file.

Restoring to a VHD/VHXD/VMDK file is fairly simple but, the option is sometimes hard to spot. As with any restore, we STRONGLY recommend reaching out to our support team to help with the restore.

*Note* We don't recommend restoring a system volume this way. To restore a system volume, we strongly suggest using the Recovery Environment. If you choose to restore a system volume without the Recovery Environment, you may still need to use the Recovery Environment to run the Boot Repair Tool. 

  • First, open up ShadowProtect SPX on the system that you want to perform the restore with 
    • This system does not have to have an SPX license, just make sure a supported version of SPX is installed and the system has been rebooted after the installation
  • In SPX, click on the destinations button , and add the local storage location of the image chain as a destination
  • Next, click on the image chain browser button and select the destination that you just created
  • Select the image that you want to restore from and click on the restore button in the bottom right.
  • You will need to enter the encryption key for that image chain
  • In the next screen, there is a dropdown to select the destination type for the restore
  • Enter the folder path that you want the virtual disk file to be stored and select okay to start the restore. 

Here is some handy information so you know which destination type is right for you: 

  • Volume - Restores to a physical volume attached to the system (this will not restore to a virtual disk file)
  • VHD - Microsoft Virtual Disk: Compatible with Hyper-V Gen 1 and Gen 2 VM's, as well as Oracle Virtualbox
  • VHDX - Microsoft Virtual Disk: Compatible with Hyper-V Gen 2 VM's ONLY
  • VMDK - VMWare Virtual Disk - Compatible with ESXI VM's ONLY

After the restore completes you should have the virtual disk in the file path that you specified! If you have any trouble following this or would like to walk through these steps with us, feel free to contact us at or for any emergency restores.