Servosity Safe Requirements and Best Practices

Servosity Safe is here! To learn more about what that entails and how it benefits you click here! This article will list all the requirements for how we will configure your backups for Servosity Safe. This extensive list will encapsulate our Best Practices, along with our general requirements for backups to run smoothly. If you do not agree to any of the following, please let us know so that we can discuss alternatives.


  • All usernames, passwords, and encryption keys must be securely stored in our control panel.
  • The password for the Backup Store (NAS/BDR Server) must be set to never expire.
  • Our remote access tools must be installed on all endpoints that require backups and any backup management systems.
  • For backup endpoints you may use a domain account, or a local account on each system.
    • For maximum security, we recommend a dedicated local account on each system, and domain accounts only when necessary (DC, etc.).
  • If you have a dedicated backup management system, the user account must be local only, with a unique password.
    • We strongly recommend that no backup management system be joined to a domain.
  • All systems must be running a Supported Windows OS

Shadow Protect

  • ShadowProtect must back up files to a folder that follows our standard folder structure.
    • For a single system this can be on a local device (preferably an internal drive), a NAS, or a dedicated backup management system.
    • For companies with more than one system using DR backup, you must have a single backup storage location accessible by all systems. This storage location must have free space at least two times the used storage of all source volumes.
    • The folder structure should be as follows:
      • \Servosity\Backups\ComputerName
  • ShadowProtect needs to be creating a local backup at least hourly, at 5 minutes past the hour, 24/7.
  • The Encryption Key(s) must be stored in the portal.
    • Key(s) should work for all backed up volumes.
  • All source volumes must be assigned a drive letter
  • There must be NO .spk file in any folder!
  • Version must be v7.5.6
  • A new Backup Chain must be created by the Servosity Support Team.
  • Login password is not saved.


  • ImageManager must be configured according to our best practices.
    • Folder path is \Servosity\Backups.
    • Encryption keys are not entered at the backup store level.
      • Encryption keys are entered into the individual Machine Name folders.
  • Confirm "Immediately verify newly created image files" is enabled for all managed folders.
  • Confirm "Periodically re-verify existing image files every" is enabled for all managed folders. 
    • 7 Days is best practice, but can be longer for larger systems.
  • Confirm "Check Volume integrity of new consolidated image files" is enabled for all managed folders and set to verify daily.
  • Screenshot verification is setup at companies with a dedicated BDR server, and verified monthly.
    • We do not support more frequent screenshot verification or running it on a production machine
  • Retention settings follow our Knowledge Base Article
    • Specifically "Consolidate Monthly Images" is NOT checked
    • "Move retained images" is NOT checked
  • Confirm that ImageManager is set to process daily at Midnight.

Not allowing us to follow these requirements, or changing these settings after they have been configured may result in removal from the Servosity Safe program.