Configuring your Servosity Partner account.

We'll cover how to configure/view these properties of your Servosity Partner account: MFA enforcement, add/remove partner accounts, find unprovisioned agents, payment methods, bill estimates, and submit feedback!

You can change a variety of different settings for your Partner account within the Servosity Control Panel ( A majority of these will be found under the Partner dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

Dashboard - This is your Partner Dashboard. Here you'll find a list of your companies along with some details regarding their account composition.

Settings - Your settings page allows you to enforce MFA partner-wide and add/remove partner users.

Agent Provisioning - Here you'll find a list of your unprovisioned Servosity One agents. These are machines that have had Servosity One installed on them, but aren't linked to a particular backup account. Find more information on that here.

Payment Methods / Bill - These pages allow you to change your payment methods (Card/Back Account) and view an estimate of your bill.

CheckCentral - The CheckCentral dashboard displays reports and summaries for all backups jobs run throughout your partner. This page includes all companies.

Feedback - We really want your feedback. Please submit any suggestions you have. We track these in real-time and are excited when we see a new suggestion, so please don't hesitate!